Sam Shapson - Director



midwest born. la based.

Here’s the short version — I’m a writer-director with a focus on dramatic & suspenseful character driven stories that explore the emotional nuances of our reality. I also work as a union & non-union 1st AD & 2nd AD (DGA Fi-Core).

And for those of you who like reading long-winded, self-congratulatory bios in third person — Sam Shapson is a writer-director whose award-winning short film THE TREEHOUSE played internationally at Austin, Fantasia, San Jose, BendFilm, & Short of the Week. In 2015, his short film REFUGE was acknowledged as the world's first narrative film lit exclusively by natural moonlight in articles by Gizmodo, Indiewire, Vice, Nerdist, & No Film School. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sam developed an early love for illustration, music, and photography while also feeling drawn towards physics, psychology, and philosophy. Then he discovered film -- a medium that bridged the divide between creative and analytical disciplines. After receiving a BA in Film & Television from Columbia College Chicago in 2011, Sam moved to LA where he worked for various studios and networks. In 2014, Sam joined the Directors Guild of America as an Assistant Director and has since worked for companies including Magnolia Pictures, Google, Disney, and Hulu as well as projects premiering at Sundance, Tribeca, and SXSW.


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Standby, being a super serious AD real quick.