REFUGE // A Moonlit Short Film

On an off-world biosphere, biological researchers suspect their newly developed ecosystems may be adapting in unexpected ways.

Shot deep in the mountains in the dead of night at 51,000 ISO, Refuge is the first narrative ever filmed entirely in moonlight.  

Director, Producer, Editor  SAM SHAPSON


A story of a boy who's lost his mom and a girl who claims her spaceship can find her. 

Produced with support from Columbia College Chicago and the Albert P. Weisman Award.

Director, Producer, Editor  SAM SHAPSON  //  Director, Producer, Writer  A.J. SHEERAN



A man desperate to escape a mysterious locked room faces off with an otherworldly terror.

Made in competition for Guillermo Del Toro's Halloween Film Contest, House of Horrors. Sponsored by Legendary Pictures & YouTube.

Director MIKE DIVA  //  Co-Director SAM SHAPSON