Sam Shapson - Director


Sam Shapson is a director, editor, and writer with a focus on visual stories that transcend our world to explore the human condition.

Before moving to LA in 2011, Sam studied film at Columbia College Chicago, where he made several award-winning short films. His short, The Treehouse, toured dozens of festivals -- including Austin Film Festival and Fantasia International -- as well as being featured on Short of the Week.

Sam's most recent short film, Refuge, is the first narrative shot exclusively in natural moonlight. Using the Sony A7S to film in light conditions barely observable by the human eye, Refuge pushes the boundaries of independent filmmaking.

Sam's curiosity and innovation developed at a young age, which led to a deep love for both the arts and the sciences. Dissatisfied by the apparent dichotomy, Sam desired to pursue a path in which he could explore his diverse interests. He found his passion in building immersive, visually expressive experiences.